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Charging AirPods Thunder Case™

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Charging AirPods Thunder Case™

Our Thunder Cases have been designed to not only charge your Airpods and iPhone on the go but to also protect your AirPods and iPhone with a Tri-layer Carbon build. There is no need to carry several items, as the Thunder Case has a 2 in 1 function.

 360° Protection - Protect your smartphone from scratches, dirt, oil and reduce damage from accidental drops

 Built-in 300mAh power bank for your AirPods

 Equipped with a powerful electric charging chamber to charge headphones anytime and anywhere


  • AIRPODS AND IPHONE TOGETHER - storage system for your iPhone and CHARGES your AirPods.
  • PROTECTION - shielding phone and pods from scratches, dirt, oil and damage protection from accidental drops.
  • CONVENIENCE - allows you to have your CHARGED AirPods readily accessible together with the phone.  
  • Compact, light-weight and durable
  • Perfect-fit for mobile phone, good handle feeling, full-body protection