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(Best Seller) Chillers ™ Skull Ice Cubes



Your friends are gonna drop dead in envy for these skull ice cube trays! 💀💀💀

Great for Drinks, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Over the Hill, or a special occasion gift idea.

Large surface melts slower with less dilution and stays cooler longer. Once frozen, ice can be stored without base, saving space. An incredibly unique kitchen accessory to add to your own collection or for that special skull fanatic in your life!


..Not just for ice!  other applications: 

Ice cubes, ice cream, biscuits, puddings, cakes, mousse, jelly, chocolate, etc.


Size Dimensions:


    • Made with premium silicon
    • Size of skulls: 25mm x 30mm
    • Exclusive Secret Warehouse design (not available in stores)
    • 100% Money-back guarantee - Love 'em, or they're free!
    • Free & easy returns - No hassle exchanges